The story behind the bathroom corner shelves and bathroom window curtains


Posted April 03, 2019 19:16:23When the owner of a Melbourne bathroom corner shop asked his client to look after his toilet, he discovered a bathroom window curtain he didn’t even know existed.

“It was just a very lovely little piece of toilet paper, so it’s really hard to imagine it was the last piece of paper,” said Mr Brierley.

“It just came from my toilet, it was just just a little piece, I don’t even remember how it ended up on my shelf.

He just didn’t want to think about it, he didn’s face turned away and I just kept thinking ‘that’s not going to be a problem’.” Mr Brierleys family is a history and tradition lover and it was through his family’s past that he discovered this bathroom corner was actually a part of the family’s history.”

I’ve got this beautiful little family photograph of my dad and his wife, and the corner of the bathroom where they used to wash up in their bath was there.

My mum’s father used to live in the corner, and I think my mum’s family had to wash their clothes in there,” he said.”

And my grandmother used to have to go and wash up with them, and they used the corner as a washing station, and it had to be cleaned up at least once a week.”

When Mr Briers family first moved to Australia in the early 1990s, Mr Biers had no idea what he would find when he went shopping.

In 1991, he said he was lucky to find a “little piece of scrap” of toilet-paper that came from a toilet paper aisle.

The corner was the place to put it and, for a while, he bought it for his mother.

Mr Hagerty was also given a little corner, but he had no knowledge of it at the time.

Nowadays, Mr Hagerry said it’s a common sight to find toilet paper at a toilet corner shelf.

“I guess it’s kind of a good thing it has become a bit of a heritage and a part, and now I just go over there, and just throw it away,” he told ABC News.

But what Mr Hagers family discovered was quite different from his first trip to a toilet-curtains corner.

They were surprised when they opened the corner and found a little white curtain with a sign on it that said: “It is a piece of discarded toilet paper”.

Mr Kiely said it was his grandmother who had the idea to have a toilet in the bathroom.

After some research and the owner’s mother’s advice, Mr Kielys family realised it was something he would love to keep.

It’s not the only toilet-wall cabinet that has been shaped into a bathroom corner, however.

A Melbourne toilet corner was once the home of a famous Victorian woman, who had her own toilet-shaped corner cabinet.

She was so popular with her customers that it became known as the “sack of the poor”.

A family member had the original cabinet placed in the wall, and after some research, it became the centre of an internet craze in the 1990s.

People would use the corner to decorate their bathrooms, and there were even photos of the corner’s original owner.

More recently, a Canberra toilet corner is being restored as a place to store unwanted belongings.

You can learn more about the history of the toilet corner here.


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