Which bathrooms are good for men?


By LORRAINE C. COHEN | APRIL 12, 2019 10:27AM ESTIt’s been a year since a young woman named Lauren H. made the news when she posted a video of herself in the men’s restroom at a public high school in South Dakota.

The video sparked a national conversation about what it means to be a woman in America.

Now, two years later, H is back at it again.

The young woman was upset with the school district for its decision to bar her from using the boys’ bathroom, which she described as “like an elevator shaft,” and the students were upset because they were “forced to use it.”

The video had attracted more than 200,000 views and had been shared on social media.

But this time, the backlash was more personal.

Lauren’s mother, who lives in South Carolina, took the video and uploaded it to YouTube and Facebook.

The clip garnered more than 100,000 likes.

“I didn’t think people would actually watch this,” Lauren’s mom said.

“I didn.

It’s really touched me.”

The backlash started in January when Lauren posted a series of videos of herself talking to the boys in the boys restroom, and she posted some of the responses.

In one, she tells them: “I am a transgender girl who has a penis and a vagina.”

The reaction, in South Dakotans eyes, is an insult.

Lauren is now suing the school and the school board for violating her civil rights.

“If you look at the comments, it’s just a lot of hate and disrespect,” said her mother, Lorie.

Lorie said her daughter has had to deal with the emotional toll of the backlash on social and family networks.””

“This has been really devastating for me,” she said.

Lorie said her daughter has had to deal with the emotional toll of the backlash on social and family networks.”

While the videos garnered some positive responses from people, Lauren said that she also received threats.””

We have to try to be resilient, and we have to be supportive of each other.”

While the videos garnered some positive responses from people, Lauren said that she also received threats.

“We were just trying to keep our voices out there and keep our voice in the world,” she explained.

“And I’ve just been really hurt and really disappointed and hurt,” she added.

“They’re not being heard.”

Lorie’s son, who is a football player at the University of South Carolina and has played in the NFL, also had a video go viral, and it got even more attention.

The video shows a white player saying that he is “happy” to see the transgender athlete.

In a subsequent video, he asks Lauren: “Are you sure you’re not transgender?”

In a Facebook post, Lauren defended herself.

“The video of me in the women’s restroom was a joke.

I was just trying my best to be funny, and I’m really not transgender,” she wrote.

“It was a very bad joke, and the kids didn’t understand that.

But I’m not ashamed of it.””

It was just a joke,” Lauren said.

She also posted videos of her mother with her daughter, saying that they were in the bathroom together, but that they are “just not in sync.”

“I’m still in the same locker room,” Lauren wrote.

“At the end of the day, my mom is my best friend, and my daughter is my friend,” she continued.

“The whole world needs to hear about my experience, because it happened so long ago.”

The district, which has since removed the video, told ABC that it did not know about the threats and that they have taken steps to make sure the students feel welcome at the school.

“As a district, we are committed to ensuring the safety and comfort of our students and staff,” the school wrote in a statement.

“As soon as we became aware of the video that was posted, we immediately contacted the district’s principal and the South Dakota Department of Safety.”

Our district is committed to providing a safe and welcoming learning environment for all students and employees, including transgender students,” it added.

The South Dakota School Board said it is committed “to providing a positive learning environment and to ensuring that all students, staff and faculty feel welcome.”

H says she has been bullied online for years.

In January, she posted an article about a “lady-loving, black transgender woman” who went through “the most painful transition.”

In it, she wrote that the “soul is still fighting, and its time for us to take our fight to the next level.””

When the fight starts, its not just me who has to fight, but every trans person who is fighting,” she concluded.

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