ikeas bathroom storage: $10,000 to $20,000 for vinyl floor and bathroom vanity


A $10K to $30K purchase of a vinyl floor can get you up to 20-years of love for your bathroom, but that may not be the best investment you can make.

A new study from the University of Victoria and McMaster University found that, on average, people spend $3,000 per year on the cost of a bathroom and that’s just for a floor.

It’s a bit of a big number, but the average cost of vinyl floor in the United States is about $10 per square foot.

That means, if you bought a 10-square-foot piece of vinyl and placed it on your bathroom floor, you’d end up spending $5,000.

If you put a 20-square foot piece on the floor and you had it covered in plaster and then you put it on the wall and put a curtain and then put in a shower and you did that for a month, you’re going to spend about $3.3 million.

That’s just on the initial $1,000 of the purchase.

The cost of your bathroom vanity depends on a lot of factors.

For example, a $200 vanity is only going to cost you $1.5.

A $600 vanity is going to be $2,000, and so on.

The most expensive vanity, in our study, was a 10,000-square feet, 1,000 square feet vanity in the basement of a three-story building in New York City.

That is an average-sized vanity that was on the ceiling and had the ceiling fan overhead and had a curtain.

That cost $18,000 in the study.

Another common reason people spend so much on their bathroom vanity is that it’s hard to find good, safe vinyl floor for it.

There are some people who have the patience to wait for a few years to do it, but if you do it now, you might be able to save $1K.

One thing to keep in mind is that you are going to need to buy a lot more flooring for your vanity.

As for vinyl floors, a lot is going on behind the scenes.

At least a third of the floors are being made from recycled material.

Also, you’ll need to consider the materials that are used for the flooring itself.

This includes the floor itself, the wall covering, the trim, the paint, the adhesives, the drywall, the insulation and the molding.

These materials are all used for a variety of reasons.

I would recommend that you consider getting a quality flooring company that is very upfront about the materials they use.

You can also use the floor manufacturer’s website to find out how much money you’ll be spending on a particular floor.

The company should provide you with an estimate of the floor’s cost, as well as a list of other things you should expect to pay.

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