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It’s been more than 50 years since American artist Walter Brant built the first modern bathroom at the White House.

And in that time, he has inspired hundreds of millions of Americans to turn to tile to decorate their bathrooms.

Now, artist Walter’s newest project takes his iconic work to a new level by using ceramic tile.

“It’s a great way to turn the tiles in a room into a whole new thing,” Brant told ABC News.

“You can see how the tile is going to change the feel of the room.”

“You can have your favorite bathroom in there, and you can be able to have a great bathroom experience in there.”

Brant is creating an entire space with ceramic tile that’s meant to be in a single space, a concept he first shared with ABC News back in 2014.

In that project, Brant created a whole kitchen, which is now a kitchen at a hotel in California.

He even took a trip to Europe to build a living room for himself.

“There are all these people that have this incredible space,” Brants said.

“They want a different kind of bathroom experience than what you can get in a standard bathroom.”

Brants is not the only artist to turn tile into a living space.

In 2016, artist John Gaskin built a living bathroom in his home, which he dubbed “The Bathroom.”

This is where Gaskins, who was born in a bathtub, created the famous bathtub painting.

Brant, whose work is inspired by all things Victorian, has created more than 500,000 tiles for the White Senate and the White house.

He’s been inspired by a variety of styles and materials, but his favorite is ceramic tile, which, as he explained, is “a lot of fun.”

Brance’s latest project, “A Bathroom in a Space,” is the work of more than 40 artists who have created a series of beautiful ceramic tiles for his project.

Each tile has a unique personality.

The room is filled with colorful ceramic tiles, which can be painted or stained.

The bathroom tiles were designed with a purpose in mind.

“I wanted to use ceramic tile to really represent a sense of space, and a sense that we’re in a home and we’re living,” Brantly said.

In his video, Brants describes his process in which he first designed the tiles and then turned them into the spaces.

Brants first created the tiles to show the White and then the Senate chambers in a white room.

Then, he turned them white in a bathroom, to symbolize that he lives in a White House bathroom.

“I wanted the white space to really come alive, so I had to really do it,” Branted said.

He used the same process for the Senate room.

In a white space, the white tiles were the room’s main light source, so he wanted to make sure they would be the main lighting in the room.

Brant added that the rooms decor was also a key part of the whole project.

“The colors are really important, and the patterns and the motifs are important,” Brance said.

Brants said he has been able to use the same colors and patterns in every room he has created.

He said the goal is to create a space where “it feels like you’re in the Whitehouse, and that feels real.”

Brands work for his studio is based in New York City, but he has worked in different cities around the country.

“It’s been amazing,” Brantz said.

36 bathroom vanity bathroom decor bathroom tile ideas modern bathroom vanities

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