Woman who lost a bathroom vanity after a fire claims it’s the ‘biggest prank ever’

water pipe

A homeowner says she lost her bathroom vanity when a small fire destroyed it and it’s being used to prank other people.

In January 2017, Melissa Zuckerman of Poughkeepsie, New York, said her daughter, who was a freshman at the time, and her roommate lived in a condo in the city’s northwest.

Zuckerman told NBC News the woman’s roommate told her about a nearby fire and the fire department sent her a warning letter about the fire and that the condo was too small for her to live in.

Zuckererman said she called the condo and was told the condo is a “luxury apartment” and a fire was not believed to be the cause of the fire.

The condo, which is owned by the Zuckers, had a swimming pool and was supposed to have a hot tub, according to the Zucks.

The condo was “just perfect for our family,” she said.

Zucks told NBC New York the next day that when she called back the next morning, the woman on the phone said the condo had been “burned down.”

Zuckers told NBC that the next few days were filled with calls from people who were shocked to hear that the apartment was gone.

She also said she was told by the condo owner that they had a “huge fire,” but that “no one knew” about the cause until it was too late.

The next day, she said, she called a condo representative to let them know about the problem.

She told NBC the representative said they did not have a problem with the condo or that the woman had been warned about the condo’s “very small size.”

Zucks said she then contacted the owner of the condo, but he said the building is a residential complex and he could not comment.

Zacks told NBC he thought the woman should have called the building’s owner because the condo does not have “ownership.”

The woman, who told NBC she does not want to be identified because she is fearful of her family, said she is a student and does not work as a contractor, and the condo has been vacant for several years.

She said the woman told her she had been using the vanity to prank her roommate and the two other people living in the condo.

“She said, ‘I’m gonna do a video and show you guys, so you know, we’re just going to make fun of each other,'” Zucker said.

They said, Oh, well, we have to deal with this. “

Zucker added that she then called the police because she feared the fire could spread.”

They said, Oh, well, we have to deal with this.

It’s not a concern of ours,” she told NBC.

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