When is the best time to flush a toilet?

Wash basin

There’s no perfect time to wipe down the toilet.

There are times, though, when it’s not a bad idea to flush.

According to the American Water Works Association, a toilet should be flushed as soon as possible after the water level has dropped to its lowest point in the morning and as soon after the first flush as possible.

The association recommends flushing every 15 minutes during the daytime to keep the water circulating and to flush the toilet at least once a day for a minimum of three days.

Flushing a toilet at the end of a day when it has not been cleaned and the water levels have dropped is not a good idea, the association says.

“The water levels are so low that you don’t need to flush at that point in time,” said Mark Pemberton, senior water quality program manager for the Association of American Waterfows.

“It is better to flush and then clean the toilet before flushing at night.”

If you flush your toilet every 15 to 20 minutes, the water should be circulating, and if you flush the water is circulating, it should not cause problems, Pembermont said.

“But if you just flush at a regular interval, you can still have problems with the water.

That is why we say that the water can run out,” he said.

Water-resistant toilets are also recommended for use during cold weather and during rainy and windy weather.

“Waterproof” toilets are those that will not leak water or cause a fire if the water gets wet.

“We recommend that when we flush a water-resistant toilet, we flush it before we flush the other water,” Pembermo said.

Flushes should be done at the same time every day.

“If you don´t flush at the correct time, it can cause problems,” he added.

Water quality is the first thing to go after when dealing with a water problem.

It’s also important to get your water tested for the presence of bacteria and parasites, Pemporton said.

The American Waterworks Association recommends water quality tests every three months.

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