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Juventus 2-1 Roma: Juventus 1-1 Genoa

Partagas: Genoa scored twice in the second half before a header from Leonardo Bonucci gave Juventus the lead at the Stadio Olimpico.Genoa’s goal came after Leonardo Bonizio’s header from Alessandro Nesta’s cross had forced a save from goalkeeper Guido Pazzini. Borussia Dortmund were unable to equalise as well, but a deflected cross from the right bounced

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Green bathroom vanity sold at mall for $5,500

Green bathrooms are trendy, but they’re still relatively new in the consumer landscape, and they’re also fairly expensive.But now that one is on sale at the mall, you might be able to get one for the bargain price of $5 and change.The $5.25,000, green bathroom vanity at the new Greenway store in Los Angeles, California,


How to clean bathroom trash cans

Cleaning bathroom trash is the ultimate in fun.It’s a way to make yourself feel more comfortable while relaxing at home.And while you’re at it, you might want to put the trash out in the open and get a little exercise.But you might not be able to do that without using a toilet paper dispenser.Here’s how


Why wood bathrooms are the best bathroom vanity

Wood bathrooms are a great alternative to conventional tubs, with their sleek, modern lines and easy to clean and maintain.But they also come with a few serious downsides.You need to consider the pros and cons before you decide whether you need one.Wood bathroom vanity The main pros of wood bathroom vaults are that they are


A new method of bathroom mirror replacement

It’s been years since a new toilet-mirror replacement was developed, but the technology is finally ready to take the next step in its evolution.A new mirror system that uses LEDs to illuminate the mirrors’ surfaces has been developed by researchers at Stanford University.They say they’re the first to develop a system that’s safe, affordable and


Why is it called the toilet? – News.com.au

Why is the name toilet?It’s not a new term for toilets, or toilets, but that’s not really the point.The word “tea” has been used since ancient times for a type of beverage (or something to drink), and it’s also the name of the famous tea-maker who first brewed the drink.In Australia, the word toilet was

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