Green bathroom vanity sold at mall for $5,500

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Green bathrooms are trendy, but they’re still relatively new in the consumer landscape, and they’re also fairly expensive.

But now that one is on sale at the mall, you might be able to get one for the bargain price of $5 and change.

The $5.25,000, green bathroom vanity at the new Greenway store in Los Angeles, California, is the most expensive green bathroom in town.

The bathroom was designed by the architect David Lippmann.

You’ll need to shell out $3,300 for it, which would be about $400 less than a similar bathroom that’s listed for sale on eBay.

The seller notes that “this bathroom was inspired by the Greenway theme and it has an incredible capacity.”

It’s also located next to a $2,500, green bathtub that was previously listed for $3.5 million.

The two bathrooms are part of a larger trend of cheap, eco-friendly bathrooms that are becoming increasingly popular, but we’ve yet to see the full impact of these kinds of bathroom renovations.

Green bathrooms aren’t limited to luxury shopping centers, either.

You can find green bathtubs in the dining room of a trendy restaurant or in a tiny bathroom at the home of a tech start-up.

These bathrooms aren, in general, very simple to use and have minimal space.

They also don’t have a big, ugly chrome tub, which can make them difficult to remove and replace.

And they’re usually made out of plastic, which means you can probably fit more than just one in your home.

Green bathroom fixtures are popular among those who like to stay in shape by doing exercise.

A recent study found that green bathrooms were a good option for getting in shape, even if they aren’t the most comfortable bathroom to use.

It’s true that green bathroom fixtures don’t necessarily provide a lot of comfort, but the added comfort can add up over time.

And the green bathroom can even become an important part of your home’s aesthetic, too.

If you want to keep your home clean, green bathrooms can be a nice alternative.

In fact, a recent study by the Center for Eco-Home Design found that many green bathroom users say that they’ve been happier with their homes after having the bathroom renovations done.

Green Bathroom Accessories and Gadgets The best green bathroom accessories and gadgets are made by Greenway, the company that specializes in green bathroom solutions.

You could buy a small green bathroom shower head, a small water heater, and a green bathroom mirror.

If the bathroom is going to be green, you may want to invest in some green bathroom products.

If it’s going to look green, green toilet paper and green soap can be good additions.

And you can buy green towels, or you can go green by purchasing a green washing machine.

You should also consider buying a home energy efficient lighting system to reduce your energy use, since most green bathroom lights use green energy.

You may also want to consider green kitchen appliances like a small stove and an electric oven.

And if you’re looking to add a few more green accessories to your home, you could consider the Green Way, which sells all sorts of green kitchen and kitchen appliances.

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