Why the world has a bathtub shortage


We all know about the plumbing problems in your country, but in China, the plumbing problem is even more serious.

We spoke to the author of a book on the subject, the Chinese-American writer and activist Shubham Jha, who said that for Chinese-Americans living in the US, it’s “one of the biggest problems of living in this country.”

“In China, there are so many pipes and sinks,” Jha said.

“If you want to use the bathroom, you have to pay a fortune, and you have this problem of not having any of your money.”

We’re still waiting for a replacement for that bathroom, so that’s really the big issue.

For some of the other big issues, like plumbing, we’re still not seeing any major progress, Jha told The Verge.

He said there are about 4 million people in China living in poverty, and he thinks “the big problem” is “that they don’t have enough of a market.”

In the US in general, there is an outpouring of support for the idea of a national bathtub, as evidenced by the fact that the government passed a bill this year to provide people with a free “national bathtub” for one year.

There have been many stories of people who have made their living as baristas and waiters, but the problem is not as acute as it is in China.

“There is still a lot of work to be done,” Jham told The Daily Beast, adding that there is still no guarantee that a replacement would ever be made, despite the massive investments the government has made in infrastructure over the last decade.

“But this is a problem that is getting worse every year, because it’s not like we’ve been building anything new in the last 10 years.”

A new bathroom project to provide a national bathroom for a year, one of the most recent examples of the country’s efforts to address the toilet shortage, has been stalled for yearsDespite the country having one of China’s highest populations of Chinese, and a population that’s expected to reach nearly 1.4 billion by 2050, the country has a long way to go in order to provide its population with a national toilet, according to Jha.

In the first three years of the Great Leap Forward, China spent nearly $15 billion on building the countrys largest infrastructure project, the Great Wall, which cost about $18 billion.

But as China grew wealthier and began building infrastructure, the number of toilets dropped significantly.

“So it’s kind of a puzzle, because we have the money, but we have this infrastructure, but they’re not being used,” Jhe told The Washington Post.

Jha said that the lack of toilets in the country is “one reason why I’ve been saying, it needs to be a national project, because that is the biggest problem.”

The Great Wall project, which was supposed to have a total cost of about $20 billion, has only received about $1.6 billion, and the Chinese government is still looking to find money to pay for it, according The Washington Times.

The plan was to have it finished in 2020, but construction on the new building is already scheduled to start in 2022, and it is unclear when it will be completed.

“We have this project that is a million years old, it will cost hundreds of billions of dollars, but if we wait another 10 years, it won’t even be finished,” Jh said.

The Great wall, a $2 trillion project to rebuild a century of ancient architecture, is a major project that has been delayed for years due to poor financing.

The Chinese government also wants to create the world’s largest underground city, but this is likely to take years to complete.

In the meantime, many Chinese people are simply relying on the public toilet, which is a small, one-person, one stall toilet, Jham said.

But for people in poor and rural areas, the public toilets can be extremely limited and unreliable.

The government has also been trying to make toilets more accessible, by offering subsidies to the people who install them.

This was an initiative that was announced in 2015, but has yet to go into effect.

People have also been offered loans, which could be used to buy new toilets, or to repair existing ones.

“But they [the public toilets] have been very expensive,” Jhatasaid.

“It has been one of those things that you can’t afford to miss.

I’ve talked to some of my friends who have lost their homes because of the public restroom.”

Despite these obstacles, the government hopes to address its toilet shortage by increasing the number and quality of toilets and improving their construction.

In addition to the Great wall project, China has invested millions of dollars in building a number of other infrastructure projects.

These include the first-ever metro system in the world, and plans to build an underwater city on the coast of China, with its own sewage treatment plant and public swimming pool

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